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Looking To Hire A Crane? Consider These Tips

crane hiring tips

You need a crane to move heavy and gigantic objects in your work site. When having a one-off project, you shouldn’t stress yourself over buying a crane—you should rent one from your local crane servicesproviders. You don’t want a crane that keeps on breaking down at the site, do you? Then you should rent a high-quality machine. How do you do it? By following these tips:

Know What You Want

Can you hire a crane you don’t know what it’s for? Of course not. For you to hire the right crane for your project, you need to understand why you are hiring it in the first place. Do you want it to carry stones? Lift construction materials? What do you want it to do? The first step to renting the right machine is understanding your environment. Is the area slanted? Are there holes? What is the type of terrain? Is it accessible? It’s after you have considered these things that you will be able to pick the right machine for your needs.

Hire From The Right Company

The crane you hire is as good as the company you hire from. A good rule of thumb is to rent from a reputable company with a proven record of having high-quality machines. The company should also have many cranes. Remember, just because a crane is appropriately maintained doesn’t mean it can’t break down. When you work with a company with only one crane, and it breaks down, you have to hire from another company, which will be expensive as you will pay twice. To avoid this, work with a company with a variety of cranes. This way, you are sure even if the crane you are renting develops problems, you will easily replace it without incurring an additional loss on your part.

Carefully Inspect The Crane

Most of the crane rental companies are online, and when you visit their sites, you will see the cranes they stock. Should you order the cranes online? You can go ahead and do it, but first inspect the cranes in person. If you have bought something online, you will agree that the pictures aren’t always identical to the real thing, so don’t place an order before you see the crane. This calls for you to visit the rental company offices and carefully go through the cranes. A rental company worth its salt will have a wide variety of cranes ranging from rough terrain to side-lift cranes. During the inspection, pay attention to maintenance records. When was the crane maintained? Is it currently in good condition? Which company maintains the cranes? And any other details that will help you know more about the current condition of the machine. The main reason for inspecting the crane before hiring is because you don’t want to order a machine in a horrible condition that won’t perform your intended tasks. If you have hired cranes in the past, you can quickly tell whether the crane is properly maintained, but if this is your first time, ask an experienced crane operator to help you with the inspection.

Hire An Experienced Crane Operator

As mentioned above, when renting the crane for the first time, you shouldn’t do it alone—ask a crane operator to help you out. The operator will not only help you with finding the right crane, he/she will also help you with safely operating the machine at the worksite. Most people hire their friends or relatives with basic crane knowledge as their crane operators. Don’t do this. Remember that a crane is a complex machine that should only be handled by a certified professional.

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